Password generator

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Now more than ever, a strong randomly hashed password is absolutely vital to keeping your online accounts secure. When memorizing passwords became exhausting, I started using a password generator and keeping my passwords on my computer in a secure location.

In 99% of accounts you can always use the "forgot password" method to recover a lost password in case your computer ever melts, so no worries if the passwords can't be memorized. Although, I would recommend keeping the most used accounts as memorizable passwords, such as your email account.

I became tired of using something developed by someone else, so I created my own plain vanilla JavaScript password generator. It is written from scratch using vanilla JavaScript and some simple HTML and CSS. The entire code is contained in the demo file, so just click "View Source" to see what I did. Nothing too complicated.

I wanted to use underscores because you can double-click to select the entire thing, and I like doing that to cut and paste the passwords into the password fields. I would still recommend you use other special characters, however.

View the demo here


I added the password generator to a GitHub repository: Yes, it is only one file. View the code and learn from it and feel free to fork and send over a pull request with any improvements.